Task 23: Whats Beside Your Bed?

As we’ve talked about emergencies and disasters so far this month, we’ve mentioned they can happen at any time.  That could even mean the middle of the night or during bad weather.  Broken glass, tripping hazards and other obstacles could make getting out of a home dangerous.

DAY 23 Challenge: 1 pt  Today we want you to share with us what steps you have taken to keep your clothing ready, so you can easily get out when needed if an emergency happens at your home.

Level Up: 5 pts  For your level up today, we want you to review the same items you have in your vehicle in case something happens while your are away.

Find Allies:  Recruit friends and family members to play 30 Days, 30 Ways…. Build Your Network!!  Each day a person you recruit completes a 30 Days 30 Ways task, your points double for that days task. The more individuals you convince to play, the more points you can earn for each days challenge.


PROOF OF COMPLETION:  There are 4 ways you can complete this task:

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You Have until MIDNIGHT on September 30th to complete this task. Contest rules and more information on the #30Days30WaysChallenge  can be found here:

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